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Uranus shows up in our lives as both the crackle of lightning which burns down our most prized structures as well as the enlightening bolt of intuitive knowing that evokes innovation. Vacillating powerfully—and unexpectedly—between breakdown and breakthrough, Uranus' transits are notoriously difficult to predict in astrological interpretations and singular in their ability to produce out-of-the-blue, shocking outcomes.

More positively, Uranus acts as an awakener, prodding us to face those things which we may intuitively know already but struggle to confront. These wake-up calls, which are often brutally timed, may force us to let go of parts of our ego-identities which are in danger of suffocating the entire system.

The urge to transform our reality that is produced by Uranus transits is best re-examined during the Uranus retrogrades, when we may have better objectivity, and a cooler, more even-keeled approach. During Uranus retrogrades, the volatile pace and pitch of Uranus' energy is halted, dulled, and brought to a manageable level, so that we may finally find a way to focus its brilliance and make use of it.

Uranus is retrograde nearly forty-one percent of the year, and thus, it is relatively normal to have Uranus retrograde in the natal chart. Retrograde planets in the birth chart are sometimes described as being unable to fully express themselves or having oddball, round-about ways of manifesting their influence. Just as common is the idea that retrograde planets in the natal chart only begin to emerge successfully later in life after much introspection and adjustment. In traditional astrology, however, retrograde planets are not seen as merely misguided, but as being thoroughly weakened.

Speed and visibility were both important considerations to ancient astrologers, and on both accounts, retrograde planets are at a disadvantage. Fast-moving planets were interpreted as being active and able to bring about their significations, while slow-moving planets, like ones in retrograde, were deemed too sluggish to do their job properly. It is worth noting that the outer planets—Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—had not yet been discovered when the ancient astrologers were drafting their opinions on retrograde planets. In general, Uranus retrograde in the natal chart is considered less impactful than a retrograde personal planet, such as Mercury or Venus.

The effects of natal Uranus retrograde gain more potency if Uranus forms strong aspects to other planets or points, particularly the sun, moon, and ascendant. Uranus' responsibility in the birth chart is to awaken us to real freedom, pushing us out of complacency through subsequent breakdowns and breakthroughs.

Wherever Uranus is found in the birth chart is an area of life which we may feel inordinately confined, even if we are not; throughout life, we may hatch an escape plan, attempting to free ourselves from the shackles of responsibility. Neptune, Pluto and Uranus are affecting us all. Notice the different generations involved around you along with their thinking.

These are not personal planets, they are generational planets that affect 'a generation' of people. Here is the monster-size write-up for Pluto in Capricorn.

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You will see that we have been seeing alot of Pluto in Capricorn action as written since We have just under five 5 years left. Pluto in Capricorn is going to be a complete transformation for those in a position of authority, including the goverment and military and those who consider themselves 'divas' celebrities. Keep in mind that will be the halfway point for this energy - , which is the time of the U. This could easily mean there is one U. President who serves eight 8 years from to and another U.

President who serves the next eight 8 years from to who will complete this full-blown transformation. During this time 16 year period when Pluto 'retrogrades' and turns 'direct', it WILL bring up stuff volcanically and make it erupt. We are going to see more and more issues of with our privacy, if we have any privacy at all.

Video's, pictures, e-mails and texting, all of it. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Folks, do not think for a second what you are doing in secret is in fact, secret. Not with Pluto in Capricorn looking on. Pay very close attention to your actions and reactions and do not put yourself in a position where it can be brought to the surface and be made public.

Remember the TV show, 'Candid Camera'. Well smile, because you really are on 'candid camera' and nothing will be hidden, including audio. Get your charts out, blow the dust off of them and check the degrees where Saturn will impact your chart. Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved.

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April 4, - Rx. May 9, - Rx. June 22, - Rx. August 5, - Rx. September 11, - Direct. September 11, October 17, November 24, December 23, January 20, April 6, - Retrograde. April 6, - Rx. May 18, - Rx. June 29, - Rx. August 15, - Rx. September 14, - Direct. September 14, October 12, November 23, December 22, January 19, April 9, - Retrograde. April 9, - Rx. May 25, - Rx.

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July 6, - Rx. August 26, - Rx. September 16, - Direct.

September 16, October 7, November 22, April 10, - Retrograde. April 10, - Rx. May 29, - Rx. July 9, - Rx. September 4, - Rx.

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September 18, - Direct. September 18, October 1, April 12, - Retrograde. April 12, - Rx.

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